Andy Stanley despre trei lucruri care pun piedici lucrarii

1 sept.

Andy Stanley, păstorul unei biserici care are o rată de participanți de peste 20 000 de credincioși în fiecare duminică, da, peste douăzeci de mii, identifică trei posibile probleme care frânează procesul de extindere a lucrării.

Iată cuvintele lui:

The first is guilt. Leaders who carry unresolved guilt are forced to hide a part of themselves from those to whom they are closest. They have a secret. They are forced to expend time and energy to ensure that no one finds them out. They know they are not completely trustworthy. Often they assume no one else is either. Guilty leaders have a difficult time trusting. Consequently, guilty leaders have a difficult time building teams.

The second enemy of the heart is anger. Angry people live as if the world owes them something that they can never quite put their finger on. Angry leaders are impossible to please. Angry leaders attract followers and employees that are more concerned with making their bosses happy than doing what’s best for the organization. Employees’ poor decisions eventually put them at odds with their angry bosses and the cycle of dysfunction continues.

The third heart issue leaders deal with is jealousy. Professional jealousy is understandable. It may be unavoidable to some extent. But when it is unrecognized and ignored, it has the potential to destroy the synergy of a team. Jealous leaders measure their success by the failure of others. It is difficult for a business or non-profit to sustain momentum when leadership is focused on how well others are not doing rather than looking for ways to move their own organizations forward. Maybe most crippling of all, leaders who carry jealousy in their hearts rarely surrounds themselves with competent and talented people. It’s too threatening.

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